Keeping our Pigs Safe

Aussie pigs are amongst the healthiest in the world, thanks largely to strong biosecurity laws that help protect their health and well-being. But if these rules change, we could see disastrous disease outbreaks hit our shores. This would have a devastating impact on the welfare of our animals and Aussie farmers, compromise our food safety and threaten Australia's reputation as an exporter of safe food.

Find out how we can keep Aussie pigs disease free

Protect our Pigs – Biosecurity Matters

Australia enforces a set of rules to prevent the entry, establishment and spread of unwanted pests and diseases. Known as biosecurity, it’s a science-based way of protecting the health and well-being of our plants and animals from disease – including our pigs.

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Disease Impacts – What’s at Stake for Pigs and Farmers

For many of the worst pig diseases, there is no vaccine, and no cure. The result is that millions of pigs, including defenceless piglets, can suffer gruesome and brutal deaths from diseases like porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus, foot and mouth disease, and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome. Many farmers overseas have struggled emotionally and financially in the wake of such disasters.

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Australia is a Safe Food Exporter

Thanks to our biosecurity protocols, Australia is renowned throughout the world for its disease free status. This means other countries want to buy our pork because they trust our food to be of high quality, clean, safe and free of disease.

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