Export Risks

Australia is so well placed to take advantage of ‘the dining boom’ in Asia. Consumers right around the world are willing to buy the food produce of our farmers because they trust it is high quality, safe and free of disease. Not having pork diseases is a huge advantage for Australia. An advantage we shouldn’t risk by weakening our biosecurity system.

Risking the Dining Boom

We have all heard about the opportunity for Australia to replace the ‘mining boom’ with a ‘dining boom’ as we serve our high quality food produce to the growing consumer markets of Asia.

Australia is the envy of the world’s food producing nations because our biosecurity system is trusted and valued by our global customers and has kept our produce disease free.

However should there be an outbreak of pig disease in Australia, not only would the pork industry be compromised, the reputation of dairy, beef and fruit and vegetable farmers across Australia would be irreparably damaged.

Our once in a generation opportunity could be lost. Once disease is in… it’s in and can be hard to eradicate.


Our Competitor’s Darker Purpose

Many of Australia’s pork producing competitors view our strict biosecurity requirements as an unfair barrier to exporting their own fresh pork to Australia and want Australia to weaken its biosecurity system.

These nations often have a history of disease outbreaks and Australia refuses entry to their fresh pork products as the science tells us, these products may be carrying living disease.

And yet they are pushing our government to weaken our biosecurity standards and let their products in.

What are they really after? What motivates these competitors? Why do they want us to weaken our biosecurity system that has served us so well for years? The answer is certainly not because they want to keep our Aussie pigs safe.