Protecting our Pigs

Protecting the welfare and wellbeing of our animals and plants is of utmost priority to Australia. That is why we’ve put in place rules that help protect against the spread of damaging and deadly diseases.

Biosecurity – Helping Protect our Pigs

Australia has a comprehensive biosecurity system that helps to manage risk, and which protects our plants, animals, the environment and human health from damaging diseases.

Our biosecurity system helps prevent deadly diseases and potential threats from entering the country. Guidelines are in place to ensure that if a disease breaks out, we are able to limit the damage caused by preventing its spread.

The Deadliest Pig Diseases

Every inhabited continent in the world, with the exception of Australia, has been exposed to deadly pig diseases. Many of the most deadly diseases are highly contagious, and some have no cure, which makes it very difficult to prevent their spread.

Understand the risks of deadly pig diseases devastating overseas countries, and learn how our biosecurity system is keeping Aussie pigs safe from a similar dreadful fate.